2010 SCAC 1A Track

Sub-Districts Friday, May 14th
SCAC West at Goldendale
SCAC East at Connell


Entries into Subs are unlimited. NO SEEDING MEETING NECESSARY. All info will come from athletic.net.  Entries must be posted on athletic.net by 7pm on Monday, May 10th. No additions may be made after Monday. Only scratches will be allowed. Schools may list 4, 5, or 6 members for each relay team, and only these can run, but any 4 are eligible for each race.  Schools should always list more than 4 because, unless you have done so, a last minute injury to one relay member would mean your team could not compete.  District qualifying relay team members must be submitted to the sub-district meet manager prior to the sub-district meet.

Heat sheets will be available on Wednesday, May 12th.

The following will qualify for Districts:

 4 in laned events. Laned events run multiple heats if necessary and the FOUR FASTEST TIMES from all heats go to Districts

 8 in unlaned events.

Districts @ Royal on Friday, May 21st