Tennis Coaches’ Meeting

Sub District/District


1.                  We will seed top players/teams.  Depending on number of entrants, top seeds will get a bye.  We will use pigtail matches until the round of 8. Matches are loser out until the round of 8.


2.                  Players who meet in loser’s bracket who have already played must play again.


3.                  Top two from winners’ bracket and losers’ bracket will advance to District Tournament. Sub-District winner will be #1 seed at District and will play #4 from the other side.  Loser of Championship will be #2 seed and will play #3 from other side.  Winner of Losers’ Bracket will be #3 seed and play #2 from other side.  Loser of Losers’ Bracket Championship will be #4 seed and play #1 seed from other side. 


4.                  Team Scoring -  2 points in top bracket.  1 point in bottom bracket.  Anyone who is already in the round of 8 receives 2 points, even if there are no pigtail matches in your bracket.  Winners of pigtail matches will receive 2 points.


5.                  No Coaching except between sets.  Two-minute maximum between first and second set.  Ten-minute maximum between sets two and three.  During Pro-Set matches a two-minute coaching timeout will be allowed after one team has won four games.


6.                  Follow SOP’s and USTA Rules.  Point-Penalty System


7.                  Players need to check in with Tournament Director before each match to receive balls.  When they are on deck, they should stay close. 


8.                  When match is done, they need to come to Director immediately to report score, return the balls, and find out when their next match is.


9.                  Minimum of a half-hour rest between matches.


10.              Scorecards – Black or Green is the team that comes first in the alphabet.  We need teams to bring scorecards, squeegees, rollers and balls.  Please bring one can of balls per entrant in tourney for subs.  The YVIAA provides balls at the District Tournament.


11.              Matches start at 10:00 am Saturday and 1:00 pm Monday.









Warm-up Times for Sub-District Tournament

Saturday  5/14/11


Sunnyside High School



Court           1                 2                 3                4                5                6                7                   8                         


9:00-9:15     Naches          Naches          Naches          Naches          LaSalle           LaSalle            LaSalle           LaSalle                                                                                                                                                                                    

9:15-9:30     Granger        Granger        Granger        Granger        Goldendale  Goldendale            Goldendale  Goldendale


9:30-9:45     Cle Elum        Cle Elum        Cle Elum        Cle Elum        Highland       Highland            Highland       Highland


9:45               Players off the Courts/Bathroom Break/Final Preparation


9:45-9:55     Coaches’ Meeting


9:55-10:05   Sportsmanship Award Winner/Coach of the Year/Tournament Guidelines


10:05             Participants take the court